SuSu 2 U

However you choose to shop

However you choose to shop

If you are unable to come to the boutique in Welwyn, we can bring Susu 2 U. You can either browse through our online shop below, or for a more personalised experience, we can do a video call with you using the platform you prefer (Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc). Read on for more information about both.

Shop Online

The philosophy driving our online shop is the same as for the boutique. We put a lot of thought and time into sourcing clothes and accessories that are flattering and beautiful. It doesn’t matter what you size, shape or age is, we can help you look and feel great.  

Just like in the boutique, we only buy a limited quantity of each item. When it is gone, that’s it, because we want to always offer you lovely new options.

As we get our online boutique up and running, we will ramp up our range, starting initially with a relatively small selection, that will continue to grow in the weeks ahead.  Our online shop will also offer only things which are either not size dependent, such as our gorgeous curated jewellery, scarves, hats and gloves, or which fit most sizes, such as tops, and more casual clothes like joggers and jackets.  Each item of clothing will give indication of what shape they work best on, Column or Curve and give you different options on how to wear.

If you have any questions about an item, please send us a message or call on +(44) 1438 712 042.

Video Shopping

Can’t make it to the boutique to see what’s in stock, not a problem!  We can give you a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home with a video call.  We will walk you around the boutique so you can browse through each rail, see the lovely displays and end at a rail of clothes especially curated for you.  We will show you each piece, explain why we chose it for you to consider and have one of our lovely team members model it for you giving you tips on how to wear and accessorize.  We will then package up your selected items and send them to you.

So wherever in the world you may be, you can still have that fabulous SuSu shopping experience. Send us a message or call +(44) 1438 714 042 if you would like more information or to arrange your virtual shopping trip.

Read below what our customers have to say about the SuSu 2U experience.

Here I am in the middle of Canada, able to shop in England without leaving my own home. I spend an entire hour with Amy -shoppe owner & curator - who listens to me after asking preferences etc. then she gathers outfits -complete with scarves, gloves, necklaces & hats- and her lovely assistant then models the items for me!

Without any pretense, as we discuss the items I love, I realize during this time, they have also taught me how to put things together; how to layer; how to accessorize to make the items pop! 

It was the single best shopping experience of my life. Normally my 5’2” round frame would be too intimidated to shop in such a quaint, stylish boutique but I felt zero judgement. They were sincerely interested in helping me feel beautiful and look put together and poised in their quality clothing! 

I felt pampered and a VIP. I will shop this way again!

Truly THANK YOU Amy & the Susu team

My only recommendation would be to pour yourself a glass of champagne mimosa before the zoom call begins! Tee hee

This was the first of many shopping “trips” to come, no doubt.

Margo | Canada

I love this shop and visit every time I am in England, such a cute village and Susu is right on the “high” street. I was disappointed to delay my travel plans this year but Susu came to me! Amy and her staff treated me to a virtual shopping trip. They curated a collection of tops, scarves, accessories, jewelry and presented them online, with additional suggestions for how they would work in my existing wardrobe. I have always appreciated the suggestions from the staff and this was like being in the store after hours with all of them. Fantastic! 

After presenting the items, they pulled out the ones I really liked and we talked about how they can work together. We added a few accessories and I tried to pare down my choices (failed to eliminate anything, may have added a scarf or two) Now I have a fabulous autumn update to my wardrobe! I can’t wait to wear them all! Thank you Susu!

Cindy | USA

Loved my visit to Susu Boutique during my stay in Welwyn a few summers ago. Due to current travel restrictions, I am unable to visit in person. However, my personal Zoom shopping experience was wonderful! Amy and Sue were so helpful and fun. They curated a collection just for me (based on my style and fit preferences) and the clothing options were unique and stylish, as always. Payment and shipping was a breeze! I’m planning another Zoom shopping trip with some fashion loving friends very soon


My team at work has been working so hard I surprised them with an online international shopping experience at Susu. We popped open a bottle of bubbly and enjoyed our zoom time with Amy and Marie. What a fabulous time had by the five of us. Amy and Marie had a collection of items curated just for us along with accessories. They showed us how to mix and match items to create multiple outfits. If there was a specific look or size needed Amy was able to find the perfect piece. There are many unique pieces and prices to fit every budget. I highly recommend scheduling your own personal shopping experience!