SuSu Sunday School with Sue W.

‘And breath’ is a very appropriate and particularly meaningful saying as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is Covid.
Some of us will have embraced with enthusiasm during lockdown, the multitude of self-help, fitness and yoga videos available online. However some of us will also for various reasons NOT gone that route. It’s all fine.
Whatever the case may be for you, when we start enjoying wearing ‘proper clothes’ again we shall all want to look our best in them.  Even if you don’t feel particularly body ready there is a simple way to achieve a better and more confident look - even if you are not a gym bunny, and have put on a couple of pounds around the middle.
POSTURE is the magic word!
Stand gently and kindly in front of a mirror. Ground your feet. Relax your shoulder blades down and back. Imagine you have ‘zipped’ up a pair of imaginary jeans, and are standing strong- and NOT arching your back and sticking out your bum. You will feel the muscles in your tummy feel firmer.
Gently raise your arms above your head as you breath in. Pause at the top, and lower your arms gently by your sides as you breath out.  Keeping your posture relaxed, but not sloppy or slouching, take a few steps whilst lightly swinging your arms, keeping your head up, looking straight, shoulders down, tum tucked in.
Now when you put on your new dress, or top and trousers be mindful of your posture, and your clothes will look so much better on you.
Stand tall ladies and don’t forget to ‘breath’!