Sunday Styling: Linen

At SuSu we love linen during the summer! Whether it’s for a family BBQ or for that holiday we have dreamt about for so long! We offer a wide range of choices including linen tops, dresses and trousers. Great for people with sensitive skin as the natural fabric is antiallergic.

Made from flax fibres, linen is one of the most expensive and sought after plant based fabrics. It is also one of the longest produced textiles dating back 36,000 years! The process to produce can be extremely long.


  1. Planting: The plants will be ready to harvest 100 days after planting
  2. Harvest: Once the stems are yellow and seeds are brown they are ready to be harvested. Usually this tends to be a machine.
  3. Fibre separation: They are then put through a machine removing the leaves and seeds.
  4. Breaking: Stalks are then broken up to remove the unusable outer fibres.
  5. Combing: They are now combed into thin strands.
  6. Spinning: The fibres will then be spun on aa machine ready to be reeled onto a bobbin
  7. Drying: The flax yarns need to be left to dry before dying.

Some of the main reasons why the SuSu team love linen:

Durable: Linen is 30% stronger than cotton making it’s uses endless.

Thermoregulation: Linen is fabulous for summer due to it drawing the heat away from the body. In the cooler months it also draws in warmth to the body.

Comfort: It is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear and no ironing is needed! Natural creases give linen it’s drapey and relaxed fit.


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