Sunday Styling: Brand Focus

Life is a journey and how fortunate when a beautiful person shares the adventure across so many years and miles.

15 years ago, the lovely Seda came from Istanbul to be an au pair for SuSu owner Amy's then young family. She soon introduced her friend Nilay and the 2 girls became and remain like family. After a year here in the UK, Seda and Nilay returned home to start their careers and adult lives. Seda is now married and has a beautiful little girl.

Earlier this year Seda posted a photo of her sister wearing a striking pair of coral-like earrings. Intrigued, Amy contacted her to find a heartwarming story behind it. They are designed by Seda's sister and made by women working in a cooperative in rural Anatolia which her sister set up following a divorce and lifestyle change last year. The jewellery making provides the women with an independent source of revenue and a rare chance to connect and socialise.

We think they are stunning and love the empowering story behind the jewellery! Why not add a one-off piece to your collection and help other women at the same time. We have a limited number of necklaces and the 'coral' earrings for sale at SuSu starting at £20 (earrings) to £45 (necklaces). Perfect for summer, these can be styled with an elegant simple dress to bring attention to the unique jewellery!   

Below: Women hand beading the jewellery.

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