Meet The Team! Val - Stylist

How many years working in fashion:   Fashion has been the constant connection with jobs I have chosen starting my career in hairdressing and now in clothing, so I guess that makes it 40-something years !

What other work have you done:  Hairdressing. I started as a Saturday Girl at a local salon, and went on to make it my first career.  I love being creative, helping customers feel good about themselves, listening to their lifestyle and helping them achieve the look they want.

Oldest thing in your wardrobe (self not included!):  A hard one as I have many ‘go to’ items I can’t bear parting with!  I have a harem skirt which can be worn all year round by wearing boots or sandals depending on the season.  I find that a new top, scarf and/or necklace always updates this timeless piece.

All-time favourite item of clothing:  Knitted knee-length dress with thick tights and chunky boots - simple but elegant.

Current crush:  Gilets. I love them long or short.  Great for layering, add a silk scarf for instant glamour!

Describe your personal fashion style:  Contemporary with a quirky twist.

Fashion pet peeve:  Something worn just because it’s ‘fashionable’. Better to have a style to suit you than follow a trend that makes you look silly.

Top fashion tip for SuSu customers:  If something has a print, take a couple of the item into the dressing room to try on, as pattern placement is important.  It makes a big difference where it hits!

First thing you will do when lockdown is over:  Hug my family and friends.  Make more time to have fun!