Meet The Team! Sue W - Stylist

How many years working in fashion:  I guess you could say since I was 10, when, to my father’s dismay, I blew all my savings on a sewing machine and started making clothes for myself and friends.  At the age of 50, after recovering from major surgery for cancer, I was signed up by some London modelling agencies and have been working as a model ever since for clients such as M&S, John Lewis, Bodyshop, Barclays, Apple, Uniworld, Sainsbury’s, and appeared on Breakfast TV, QVC, and in all the broadsheets. I have been SuSu’s ‘Saturday Girl’ for about 16 years and love the diversity it brings.

What other work have you done:  I have cleaned cars, worked as a Progress Chaser, worked in Ladbrokes, worked for Margot Robson Fashions doing alterations for customers, worked in the fabric department of Shepherds in Gateshead, put the cream on the cakes for John Lewis, worked as an au pair for a self-made millionaire in the Channel Islands.  I also trained as a Graphic Designer, and after qualifying, obtained a post grad qualification which enabled me to teach Art and Design. I was Head of Art in a big comprehensive school and also taught City and Guild students at Hitchin College. 

Oldest thing in your wardrobe (self not included!):  A hand embroidered gold threaded belt bought in India for my grandmother when she was young. She passed it on to me.

All-time favourite item of clothing:  SuSu midnight blue taffeta dress I wore for my son’s wedding.

Current crush:  A pair of pale gold leather trousers, because they are so NOT ‘Covid-Dreary’.

Describe your personal fashion style:  Glamorous, contemporary, elegant but with an unconventional edge.

Fashion pet peeve:  That we British do not understand the meaning of ‘chic’ the way some of our Continental counterparts do.

Top fashion tip for SuSu customers:  Think less ‘Fashion’ and more ‘Style’, your own indomitable brand of it.  Also, don’t underestimate the value of a collection of brilliant accessories, belts, scarves necklaces, bracelets, earrings to help you create it.

First thing you will do when lockdown is over:  Laugh, celebrate and feel the joy of hugging my sons, friends, and anyone else unlucky enough to find themselves within my eager grasp!