Meet The Team! Sue B - Founder

How many years working in fashion:  For longer than I care to remember, around 50 years.

What other work have you done:  I began as a stylist, went on to own retail shops, was then brought in to create and develop the John Lewis Partnership Personal Shopping service.  All my working life has been in fashion!

Oldest thing in your wardrobe (self not included!):  I have a beautiful black taffeta evening skirt made by Frank Usher that came from a second-hand designer shop about 28 years ago, it was probably 10 years old when I bought it.

All-time favourite item of clothing:  A pale grey sheepskin gilet bought from SuSu about 7 years ago.  I’m still wearing it, and still loving it.

Current crush:  A bright pink over-sized puffer jacket from Reno & Pelle.  I’ve been doing a lot of walking recently and it makes me feel cheerful  when the days are gloomy.

Describe your personal fashion style:  I would like to think my style is classic, with a European slant.

Fashion pet peeve:  Being told you shouldn’t wear something because you are too old, too fat, too short, too whatever.  It’s not what you wear, it’s the way that you wear it.

Top fashion tip for SuSu customers:  Buy a full-length mirror and look in it!  If you can’t see your shoes, how do you know if your outfit works?

First thing you will do when lockdown is over:  Invite all my family and friends to enjoy several glasses of champagne in my home and garden!