Meet The Team! Amy - Owner

How many years working in fashion:  Less than 1!

What other work have you done:  I have mostly worked in the Entertainment sector.  In 2002, 18 months after having moved with my 2 young children to the UK from Paris for a job, I was made redundant. I was a single mother and also doing an Exec MBA at Imperial College on weekends and nights specialising in entrepreneurship.  So I took the big decision to start my own business with a partner.  The partner became my husband, and we grew the business to become a large international post-production facility working with all US and UK film studios before we sold it and exited in 2016.  I am also very involved with an organisation aimed at helping get more women elected as MPs.

Oldest thing in your wardrobe (self not included!): I never wear it anymore, but a very sexy backless LBD from my early years in Paris.  I keep it because it reminds me of the joy of being young, in Paris and all the adventures I had.

Current crush (item of clothing):  Gilets!

Describe your personal fashion style:  Elegant and well-put together, even if just in jeans and a simple jumper.  Not sure I always achieve the look though!

Fashion pet peeve:   Not being willing to try something new.  It can give a real lift to your look and your mood.

Top fashion tip for SuSu customers:  Choose items that catch your eye, don’t say ‘it’s not for me’.  If your eye is attracted there may be something in it for you.  Then try them on and let Val, Marie and Sue help you try to put it all together.  Even if a particular item ends up not working for you, they are very good at seeing what it is that attracted you to the item and then help you achieve the look you want, perhaps with something else, or by accessorizing.

First thing you will do when lockdown is over:  T-R-A-V-E-L!!!