Festive Entertaining

Christmas and New Year is often an incredibly busy time.  Cooking, entertaining and generally being the all-round perfect and glamorous hostess can be daunting. Well here’s how it’s done, SUSU style!

  1. Start Early! Apply your make-up and style your hair first thing (you can re-touch just before the guests arrive.) Wear black trousers and vest top to match which creates a column of colour as a base to glam up later and will also ensure you feel comfortable whilst doing all those last minute jobs (wear your favourite Christmas sweater over if it’s chilly.)
  2. When everything’s done remove the sweater and add a SEQUIN JACKET £59 which will add colour and sparkle to your basic column
  3. Or add a DEVORE PONCHO £55 which can be worn two different ways to suit your body shape. Don’t forget the accessories as they can really make the outfit
  4. Finally add a lick of lipstick and spray of perfume – it’s party time!

The SuSu Girls Signature



Holiday Season  Entertaining Photos